Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Pre diet

Sept 2 2012


My blog is usually about recipes that my family loves but my life is about to change.  In 4 days I will be having Gastric Sleeve surgery.  

I’ve been on the pre-diet since last Tuesday and have had to come up with very different types of recipes since then.  No salt, No Oil, No Sugar, etc.  No carbohydrates, no protein, no dairy.  The only thing I’m allowed to eat is the Optifast Shakes and vegetables.

I’ve looked everywhere on the net to find these types of recipes.  There are not many available, let me tell you.

I’ve had so many salads that I’m salad-out!  I miss flavor and hot food.  I have done a few interesting things with Cauliflower/carrot mash (no butter, no dairy) and Herbamare (the blue bottle since that is the only one that has no sodium)

I like the portabella mushrooms grilled, as well as zucchini.  Going to try out caprese pasta without the oil, without the mozzerella tonight.  Have already prepared the zucchini and beets into spaghetti strips.  Hope that will be ok.  

The hardest thing is not being to drink while eating, no water, no milk, no juice, no wine.  I can only have water 60 minutes after eating or 30 minutes before eating.

This surgery is covered by RAMQ because of the weight, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver.  GP says these should all go aways post surgery.

I’ll try to keep this updates as time goes on,



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